Chantal's Go Get Your Cake

A guide from looking to booking your wedding cake. Wedding cakes can be designed in so many different ways it can seem overwhelming. The author, Chantal D. Roberson, will guide you through prioritizing your cake needs, giving you the power of knowing where to spend your money and where you can afford to hold back.


This will help you make confident, educated choices during your consultations, and cake tastings to get the cake of your vision and budget.This resource was created to guide couples on what to expect after saying "I do" and aren't sure on where to begin. With this quick, informative and to the point read, you'll be able to confidently choose a baker and design the wedding cake of your dreams.


Jammed inside this guide is some important information to help prepare you through the process of looking to booking your baker including cake contracts and what to expect on the wedding day set-up; providing educational key tips and questions to ask along each step ensuring your cake needs are met.


After working with several engaged couples designing their wedding cakes, author Chantal D. Roberson, owner of Cakes By Chantal LLC, noticed her clients had the same questions and concerns about the wedding cake process. She was also addressing the same concerns from newly engaged friends and family members. In most cases the couple's were unclear of their needs and felt overwhelmed by all the options available. Chantal is now sharing in this guide she created to educate her clients to help all engaged couples create the wedding cake of their dreams for their special day.If you want the journey of positively creating the wedding cake of your vision, this is the right guide for you.